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Popokotea - Year 2

Welcome to Popokotea Class!

'Putting people in most need first'



Preferential Option for the Poor

We work wherever the need is greatest. No one should be beyond reach of the love and support they need.

Key information:

  • PE kits need to worn to school on a Monday and Thursday.
  • Home reading books need to be handed in on a Tuesday and Friday when they will be reviewed.
  • Water bottles in school everyday
  • Please name all jumpers, hats, gloves, scarves, coats, shoes, packed lunch bags/boxes
  • Learning logs will be handed out on a Friday and need to be handed back on a Tuesday - please choose a task from the home learning menu.

Get to Know the Teaching Staff in Popokotea Class:

Popokotea Class - Term 5

Welcome back Year 2! We have lots of exciting things happening this term including forest school every Tuesday - so don't forget your forest school clothes! Our new topic is Magnificent Monarchs and we will be exploring answering the question 'Who was the best British monarch?' We will also be practising for our Special Agent Training!

Reflection - Term 5

Jelly Bean Prayer


Red is for the blood you gave, 

and black is for the empty grave. 

Yellow is for the shining sun, 

white is for the new life begun. 

Green is for the grass and trees 

and purple is for your majesty. 

Orange is for the edge of night, 

and pink is for the morning light. 


Popokotea Class - Term 4

I hope you have had a lovely half term Year 2! We are now in Term 4, which means that we are half way through the school year!

Hasn't that gone quickly! This term we will become 'Street Detectives' for our new topic! We will be exploring our local area and looking at it's geographical features. We'll also be carrying out our own fieldwork to observe what transport is often used in Aylesham.

Term 3 - Reflection

God our Father,

We remember the wise men travelled many miles to spend time with Jesus and offer him gifts. 

As we sit and spend time with Jesus today, we offer him the gift of our hearts, to love you and each other always. 

We make this prayer through Christ, Your Son. 


Popokotea Class - Term 3

Welcome back to school Year 2! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! This term we will be exploring the topic Movers and Shakers where we will learn all about different significant figures. We will be looking at the key achievements that people have been remembered for in History. 

Term 2 - Reflection


May God be with you in your sorrow, and comfort you in your loss. May your spirit be lifted, may your heart be filled with peace, and may the light of God's promise fill you with joy and hope.


Popokotea Class - Term 2


Turkey and Tinsel!

It will be Christmas before we know it! We have lots of fun things coming up to celebrate the season such as: Christmas jumper day, Christmas dinner and Advent Mass to name but a few! During this term our new topic will be 'Let's Explore the World'. We will be looking closely into different countries around the world and comparing their similarities and differences. We will also be finding out why there are hot, temperate and cold places around the world.



Dog's Trust Workshop - 1.11.23

Popokotea Class - Term 1 


Hello Popokotea Class!

We hope that you have had an amazing summer break and are excited to learn!

As you can see we have a very interesting class name and in the first days back we are going to be learning all about it! 

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Miss Marvier and Miss Chervanyakova



Term 1 - Reflection

Dear Lord,

As we begin a new school year,

Please keep us in your care.

Send your Spirit to open our minds

to all that is true and beautiful and good

Help us to see the gifts and talents

you have given us and to use them well.



Pirate Day! - 18.10.23

Forest School - We made a Pirate Ship!

Science - Kitchen Towel Investigation - Is the expensive kitchen towel more absorbent?

Forest School - Term 1 - 2022-23