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Subject Leader: Mrs Handford

Link Governor: Mrs Strinati



At St Joseph’s, the teaching of phonics starts in Reception to ensure a jump start into reading. We have one systematic phonics programme taught consistently across the school using the Success for All programme. Phonics is taught daily to develop phonemic awareness, letter sound correspondence, blending, segmenting and fluent reading skills. The programme ensures that children can make connections between the sound patterns that they hear in words and the way that they are written.


Our teachers and teaching assistants are highly skilled in delivering phonics lessons that are fun, synthetic and robust across the school following the key components of explicit and systematic teaching.  Our reading books have been carefully selected to ensure that they are engaging, easily accessible to our children and they are matched to their phoneme awareness and their knowledge of letters and sounds.


At St Joseph's, phonics teaching does not stop in KS2 and where children need phonics to continue, they receive targeted and daily phonics teaching. 


Skills Assessment

Assessment of phonics is constant and consistent to ensure that children are given further support or accelerated where necessary. Children's progress is tracked termly by teachers with the support of the Phonics Lead. Any children needing targeted support are identified immediately by teachers