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Old photos

Fathers and others afternoon

DT- The children helped prepare their own snacks by chopping, slicing and mashing

Science - close observations of leaves

Another great week at forest school

Significant figures-The children learnt about Greta Thunberg and created posters to show how we can look after our environment

The children enjoying our enchanted woodland theme

Fractions - Identifying half and not half using pizzas and Jaffa cakes! Yummy!

Do plants stay the same or change every season? Dolphin class have been investigating all year round

The children have enjoyed their first week of forest school

We started how we finished with a Superhero dress up day

World Book Day


Stem challenge Part 4- It was time to test the moon buggys

STEM part 3. The children decorated their vehicles to look like moon buggies

The children made stick puppets to retell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk

Lawrence bought in Fortune cookies to share with the class for Chinese New Year

STEM visit part 2. The children have begun building their moon buggys. They learnt new words such as , chassi, axel, jig and align. They also got to use tools such as saws to cut the dowel rods to size.

Library visit_ We enjoyed reading the books and picked up some Space books for our topic.

STEM ambassador visit - the children were challenged to build a vehicle using the Knex

In science the children described some of the properties of materials we found in the crash site.

Disaster! Who or what has crash landed in our school?

We looked for Landmarks of London

Paddington Bear left some instructions for the children to make marmalade sandwiches

Forest school - DT- making Dino Dens

We made puppets and retold the story of The Little Green dinosaur

How big were dinosaurs? We measured out how big the T Rex was and then the children drew their own.

Dinosaur Stomp and yoga

We found an egg!!

Fossil hunting