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Covid-19 Parent Survey September 2020


82% of you felt well informed about the school's full opening at each stage.


82% of you felt the school was demonstrating a positive awareness about your child's mental health and well being as the school opened fully.


82% of you felt reassured that your child's safety was the school's priority.


95% of you would recommend this school to other parents.


Remote Learning February 2021


We asked: Was your child able to access remote learning?

100% said yes.


We asked: Does the Remote Learning Curriculum cover areas of the curriculum beyond Maths and English?

93% said yes.


We asked: Do you think your child is safe online while completing Remote Learning?

93% said yes.


We asked: Are you aware of your child's current targets?

57% said no.

What did we do? There are end-of-year expectation booklets on the website for each year group. These are shared at 'Parent Open Hour' and at parent consultations.