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2.11.2023 Remote Learning

Hi Dolphin class!

We we were not expecting this today! I hope you are all keeping safe and warm at home!

For remote learning please do some reading at home and below you will find some lovely topic work for you to do today.



I can name and locate the four countries of the UK and their capital cities on a map

Using the map provided (Countries of the UK)


Identify the countries that make up the United Kingdom and look on a map to see how they are connected. Find and locate each country and name the seas that surround the UK. Draw a simple sketch map to show these features and label each country’s capital city. Research each country’s flag and recognise that the Union Jack is a combination of the English, Scottish and Northern Irish flags.


I have attached some documents to support the learning and there is also a flag for you to colour if you wish.



If you are feeling creative you can create a Landmark like we were looking at yesterday. This could be a landmark in London ( London eye, Big Ben, Tower Bridge) or it could be somewhere closer to home ( Miners statue, Canterbury Cathederal, Dover Castle)

You can draw it, build it ( Lego/ construction), or create it with junk modelling. If it is something you can't bring in just send a photo to the office as I would love to see your creations!!