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Outcomes and Impact of the PE and Sports Premium

At St Joseph’s our funding is focused upon increasing sport participation across the school, creating more opportunities for children to experience and learn a wider range of sport activities and to enable all children to develop a positive attitude to maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle that will stay with them as they grow.


At St Joseph’s there is a clear excitement and enthusiasm from the children about PE and sport. Children are active throughout the day through movement in Maths learning and the Daily Mile which the children are keen to participate in as well as their scheduled PE lessons. In addition, every Key Stage takes part in a term of outdoor Forest School learning which is a fantastic long term resource now available to the school and other partnership and neigbouring schools. There has been a 5% increase in club participation with many children taking part in more than one club. Through our Sports Ambassadors, lunch time now has a focused activity that children look forward to taking part in. Moving forward, the implementation of a new PE scheme will further impact on the PE curriculum as a whole.


Over time, St Joseph’s has been committed to raising the quality of our PE provision. Our PE and Sports Premium has been utilised towards sustainability through the following specific areas:

  1. Providing a range of extra-curricular clubs to encourage children to be more physically active
  2. Supporting our children in a range of sporting activities and events including Outdoor Learning and Forest School
  3. Maintaining links with other schools
  4. Increasing our attendance at sporting events
  5. CPD for staff to improve the quality of teaching and learning


At St Joseph’s, we are committed and determined to make improvements that can be maintained over time. St Joseph’s recognises that small incremental changes will ensure that the provision is sustainable and St Josephs have taken great steps to ensure that the impact on the schools provision for PE will benefit the children now but also as they move forward in their lives taking new skills and experiences as they move forward in their education.


St Joseph’s does not employ coaches on a regular basis but instead looks to support existing staff, building skills and knowledge to improve provision. Where coaches or specialists are utilised it is with the view to enhance teaching and where a need is identified.


The most notable impact of the Primary PE and sport funding has been the wider variety of opportunities available with a greater focus upon curricular and extra-curricular activities. PE is now more than ever embedded within the school curriculum and has greater importance. Children throughout the school understand the benefits of PE and sport as a lifelong need.