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Are we there yet?

This term we are ready for adventures!  Where in the world could we go? How could we travel there? It’s time to discover transport, travel and places near and far. Led by the children’s interests, we will look at a variety of transport including land, sea and air transport.  


Thinking about the transport we might take to go on a journey, we’ll use maps to consider where we would like to visit next. What should we pack? We will draw and write about imaginary journeys and make predictions about how many vehicles we will find around school. As part of our music learning, we will accompany stories and songs about transport with music and movement. How far can inflated balloons travel? We will play with them to find out. In our science lessons, we will learn about floating and sinking by building miniature boats, and find out about friction by rolling cars down ramps. We will also talk about road safety and how to stay safe when crossing the road.


For more information on specific learning areas please read our Term 6 information below.