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Mission Statement

Our motto:

Love God, Love Learning, Love Life!


St. Joseph’s Mission Statement 2023 – 2024


At St. Joseph’s …

We love God by putting Jesus at the centre of all that we do.

We live out the teachings of the Gospels through our thoughts, liturgy,

worship and prayer.

Our Catholic social teaching mission guides us on how to live out our

faith in the world.


We love learning by using our God given gifts and talents.

We are confident, resilient, collaborative and independent life-long learners.

As enthusiastic successful learners, we are ready for all the opportunities ahead.


We love life by enjoying and sharing a safe school.

We are a nurturing family and a united and caring community

that enables all to flourish.

We know that each one of us is accepted as unique and special;

created in God’s image.

This is all done in partnership with our Parish Community.

(Written by the pupils and staff at St. Joseph’s, September 2023)