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Star - Year 4

 A warm welcome to the brand new Star class.

We hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday and ready for the exciting new school year.

We are looking forward to seeing you all and completing lots of wonderful learning together,


Mrs Simpson and Mrs Chapman



Key Information


Our school day will be 8:40am – 3:05pm.

Please name all jumpers, coats, shoes, packed lunch bags/boxes, sun hats.

Please wear your PE kit to school on a Monday and Thursday.


Learning logs will be handed out on a Friday and need to be handed back on a Tuesday - please choose a task from the home learning menu.




Term One

KS2 Prayer


We ask for your help as we begin this new school year.

Allow us to experience your presence in the many blessings you put before us.

Open our eyes to the new challenges and exciting opportunities that this new school year brings.

Open our heart and mind to new friends and new teachers.

Give us a generous spirit to be enthusiastic with our learning and courage to accept new opportunities.

Jesus, inspire us to do our best this year.




I am Warrior! I am strong, brave and powerful. Meet me in battle. Draw your sword, wield your axe and challenge me if you dare. Invade and attack. Romans versus Celts, the fight is on. Discover warring Britain: meet Claudius, Boudicca and Julius Caesar and find out what the Romans did for us. Get ready for Gladiator School and learn alongside Spartacus and Spiculus, brave fighters of the Roman Colosseum. When all that battling makes you hungry, relax, lie back and feast yourself on dormice and grapes, or perhaps a roasted swan sprinkled with nuts?

September 13th 2021, Visit to Dover Castle - We had a great time