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This term, we will be exploring Celebrations. We will know and understand what a celebration is, how and why people celebrate and how our parish family and the Catholic Church celebrates.


Below are some activities to complete at home to support your understanding of this learning. 


1. Think about how you celebrate at home as a family. Look at photos of special days. Create a collage of these special times together. If you do not have photos, draw together your thoughts and ideas. Write a prayer to God, thanking home for these special days with our families.


2. Take a look at the picture below. Discuss what is happening or what you can see.  Look carefully at tthe people, the priest, crucifix, benches, hymn books and stained glass windows. Can you see some things that are the same as those in other celebrations, i.e. decorations, special clothes, special food etc. Talk about which are different.



3. Make cardboard candles with tissue paper flames or draw a candle and decorate it. Remember that Jesus is the light of the world. 





Sing this song of celebration to the tune of 'Sing a Song of Sixpence'.

Our God is a Great Big God

This little light of mine