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This term in class we are learning about the importance of the bible. We remember that this most special and Holy book is the teaching of our people. 


You will need access to a bible or the internet to be able to complete these tasks. 


The link below will take you to bible stories with a variety of ways to access them - including audio versions. 

Bible for Children » Free Bible Stories to Download


1. Design a front cover for the Bible that shows it is a special book for the People of God.  On the back cover write a summary of what you would find inside.


2. In the Gospel of John, Jesus says,

‘Love one another. I love each one of you’ and ‘You are my friends.’ 


Choose one of these sayings and describe how it can be lived out at home, in school, in the parish etc. Remember to use creative imagery to support your learning. 


3. Choose a favourite story from the Bible and retell the story to someone is your household. Then create a comic strip or zig-zag book, ensuring that you have included the main details. 


4. Look at the images below - The Light has Come


What do you think they represent? Why are they important to us as Catholics? Do they all represent the same thing?


Create your own piece of artwork representing Epiphany.





O Lord my God, When I in awesome wonder...

Enjoy sharing this song at home to celebrate and worship the Lord!