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Week 2 ideas for home learning: 



You can keep reading at home with our school reading scheme! Visit

Go to the teacher login and add these details: User name:  Password: Parents20!

Here you can select your child's book band and read the school reading books online. Please do still record as usual in their Home Reading Record and we can track this when we return to school. Your child can still move through their reading levels while they are home learning. 



To support your child with their important phonics learning visit for games and activities. 
Username: march20
Password: home
Look at games and activities in phases 1-3 for most Reception children.
For Year 1 children look at games and activities in phases 3 -5


Writing ideas: 

Together write shopping lists, To Do lists, reminder notes, stories, the class register, dream menus. These do not need to be long pieces of writing but can be single words with some correct sounds. Use your Home Learning Book. 


Handwriting practice: 

Draw wavy lines, straight lines, zig zags and other patterns and ask your child to trace over them and then copy them. Make them simple and then more difficult. Look at for pre cursive lines.

You do not need to print them but you can copy them as a guide into your Home Learning Book.


Practice letter formations: Use as a guide and copy them into your Home learning Book.



Count everything! Pairs of socks, shoes, hair bands, cars, buttons. Sort toys into groups. Look at numbers on a deck of cards and draw dots to show that number. 



Stay as active a possible. Try this Samba dance! Learn the moves and we can all dance together when we get back to school. 


Go on a Science Hunt at home!  How many can you find?


  1. Find something that you can turn
  2. Find something that is bumpy
  3. Find something that is metal
  4. Find something that you can fix together
  5. Find 3 things that are round
  6. Find something you twist
  7. Find something shiny
  8. Find something you can roll
  9. Find a tube
  10. Find 3 things that are squishy
  11. Find something clear
  12. Find something that can bounce






If you need anything extra to do, there are many more ideas and links below

EYFS Home Learning Pack

Home Learning Water Class:


Visit Twinkl for ideas for your child’s year group






Watch this clip to hear how we say our sounds -




Enjoy reading for pleasure. 

Children always enjoy being read to, 


There are great ideas for reading here at Oxford Owl


Year R Spellings


Year 1


Great suggestions of books to share!





Year 1

Year R

Read a story and write your own version.

Read a story and write a different ending.

Read a story and write what could happen next.

Write words from the Year 1 spelling list.


Story writing does not have to be lots of words. You can be an illustrator and draw the pictures to match the story you have heard.

Write important words and sentences.

Practice writing sounds you hear

Write a few of the High Frequency Words from the list.

Write your name and surname



Practise counting daily forwards and backwords and if ready in 2s, 5s, 10s



PE and wellbeing

 A great website for indoor yoga, dancing and calming activities is Go Noodle


Keep up with the Daily Mile! Every day walk or run for 15 minutes.


Look for the Easter Story