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Earth Class Lock Down Letters

Term 6 Week 7 - Year 5 Learning

Story: A new traffic light safety system, awarding different colours to countries depending on the number of coronavirus cases there has been announced by the UK government.

Question: Are holidays important?

Term 6 Week 6 - Year 5 Learning

Story: A red, white and blue paint job on the Prime Minister's plane has recently been revealed.

Question: How important are first impressions?

Term 6 Week 5 - Year 5 Learning

Story: Many statues around the world have been questioned for their purpose and value in recent weeks.

Question: Why do we have statues?

Term 6 Week 4 - Year 5 Learning

Story: Following a three-month closure period, Chester Zoo and many other zoos have been allowed to reopen.

Question: Should zoos have been allowed to reopen earlier?


Term 6 week 3 - Year 5 Learning

Story: One parent’s solution to helping her children manage money during the lockdown period was to buy a vending machine for the family!

Question: How should we learn to manage our money?


Term 6 Week 2 - Year 5 Learning

Story: As some children return to school, we think about how our routines have changed during this time.

Question: How important is it to have a routine?

Virtual Assembly: Now live on the Picture News Vimeo channel!

Term 6 Week 1 - Year 5 Learning

Story: There has been a huge increase in people wanting to work in the healthcare sector recently.

Question:  Why do people choose the jobs they do?

Virtual Assembly: Now live on the Picture News Vimeo channel!


Please research information about The Pentecost.

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