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Eco Club

We are an Eco friendly school and we all try to use paper sensibly and save electricity and water when we can.

We also collect used batteries so please send these in with your child.

Mrs Seager visits us every week and works with us to keep our outdoor areas tidy and full of home grown or school grown fruit and vegetables!

St. Joseph's cares about God's world.

Picture 1 We picked our apples!
Picture 2 September 2014 - our pot of potatoes!
Picture 3 September 2014 - our tomatoes!
Picture 4 September 2014 - we have grown beetroot!
Picture 5 Our first home grown strawberry!
Picture 6 Mrs Seager loves gardening!
Picture 7 Gardening season begins again!
Picture 8 Our tomato plants!
Picture 9 Our school scarecrow!
Picture 10 Fruity models!
Picture 11 Using Kent fruit and veg to create art!
Picture 12 Hard at work planting strawberry plants!
Picture 13 Planting strawberry plants
Picture 14 Learning in our gardening area
Picture 15 Our reviewed eco code
Picture 16 Making Eco buggies
Picture 17 Fruity Friday is very popular!
Picture 18 Fairtrade tree
Picture 19 They smell delicious!
Picture 20 We have grown our own potatoes!
Picture 21 Preparing the potatoes!
Picture 22 More veggies!
Picture 23 Our vegetable patch
Picture 24 Lupins in our gardening area
Picture 25 National School Grounds Week assembly
Picture 26 Sketching flowers during School Grounds week
Picture 27 Recycling yoghurt pots!
Picture 28 Sketching the miners statue
Picture 29 Trip to Spinney Woods during Local study fortnight
Picture 30 Members of school council & our tyre planters!
Picture 31 Olympic Eco torch
Picture 32 Olympic rings with flowers!
Picture 33 Whole school healthy cookathon
Picture 34 One of many bring and buy sales
Picture 35 Working hard in our garden!
Picture 36 Our new greenhouse!
Picture 37 Energy monitors
Picture 38 Let's get cooking event
Picture 39 All hands on deck during our gardening day!
Picture 40 Olympic ring planters
Picture 41 Sharing fairtrade oranges!
Picture 42 Banana bread made from fairtrade bananas
Picture 43 Mercy ships - Global
Picture 44 Cafod assembly - Global
Picture 45 Bring and buy sale - re-using
Picture 46 BigTidy Up
Picture 47 Our Green Flag!
Picture 48 We have a GREEN FLAG!
Picture 1 Collecting rubbish - Girl power!
Picture 2 Roots and Shoots planter
Picture 3 Eco club checking the planters
Picture 4 Growing!
Picture 5 Wildlife area
Picture 6 Climate change assembly
Picture 7 The Eco friendly Pines Calyx
Picture 8 Pines Calyx
Picture 9 Eco Club 2009
Picture 10 One of our old Eco displays!
Picture 11 Growing our own potatoes
Picture 12 Green Day at St. Joseph's
Picture 13 Recycling paper in Whitfield
Picture 14 Recycling plastic bags
Picture 15 Our Second Big Tidy up!
Picture 16 Our Second Big Tidy up!
Picture 17 Our Second Big Tidy up!
Picture 18 EARTH HOUR - Switch that light off!
Picture 19 Second hand book sale - Reusing!
Picture 20 The Big Tidy Up!
Picture 21 Our natural Earth display
Picture 22 Gordon Le Rotter's visit
Picture 23 Planting trees in Aylesham farm

Eco Club: Reduce, Reuse, Recylcle

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