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Dear Lord, we pray for our children. 

Lord, we ask for blessings on anything they may do, say and think.  We ask for a hedge of protection around them. Protect them physically, mentally and spiritually.  We pray that you would keep them safe.  Amen


Have I not commanded you?

Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 ESV

Preparing your child for their first day back to school

Take part in this year's Summer Reading Challenge 



All the information can be found here:


A special pack looking at the Black Lives Matter movement

What then, brothers? When you come together, each one has a hymn, a lesson, a revelation, a tongue, or an interpretation. Let all things be done for building up.

Corinthians 14:26


Praise's excellent model
Super Maths Praise!
Brilliant Home Learning from Praise!
Praise having fun riding his bike
A great piece of Home Learning Praise!
Praise's amazing Art work
Wonderful writing Praise!
Well done Praise!
Excellent learning Praise!
Jacob making pastry
Very artistic
Exploring ...
What is that?
Time to write
Pixie's Colour Monster art
Creative at home
Great fun
Bedtime reading
Maths Technician busy at home
A Joke from Oscar
Hee hee
Science experiments with water
Who you gonna call ?!
Past and Present tense homework in PJ's. Why not!
Super Heart Hero
Poppy wearing her prize
Time to bake Enya
Well done Jenna
Team work!
Yum Yum!
Time to eat ...
Freshly prepared pizza
Let it cool x
Fathers day social distancing treat.
Emily is busy baking
How kind ...
Now time for maths
Break required
Tegan makes a bird feeder
Add a little seed
The birds love it!
Growing potatoes
Time for a roast
Best walk off the roast
Time for bat and ball
Ready to bake
Yum Yum!
Iona is going for another Blue Peter Badge
Finally,the fruit is ready!
Great raspberry picking Tia and dad!
Enjoying all the hard work
Being creative making a Poster
Come, see the show
Performing Annie
A visit from the Tooth Fairy
Finally finished the giant puzzle
Wonderful creative writing
Tegan's Dream Motorhome
Design a money box task
Tegan and Oscar Social distancing
Oscar completing his learning
Time for a treat
Shopping alone umm...
Time to bake a cake
Must ride off all those calories
Tegan's cake creations ...
Student of the Week for Tegan, well done!
Just a little stretch
How many pieces ...
Roman making pizza
It looks delicious
Now to be creative
Team work
George made a Lego circuit board
How to collect data
Most popular Hogwarts House
Most popular Dr Who Baddies ...
Baptist Church Sensory Garden
Excavating the moon in search of meteors
Enya has won a competition
Junior Miss Quarantine Beauty 2020
Daisy's Highway Rat wanted poster
Digging for jewels
Daylight outside...
Darkness ... Daisy's shopping list is long
Movie night with George
Helping Daddy
Great balancing Daisy
Visit to the Sensory Garden - smell
A bit of exercise for Tegan
A bit of decorating
Tegan has been creative
A box
Silver Foil
Clingfilm and skewerstick ...
My very own solar oven
Let's bake smores
Lovely fresh air
Time to make a sock giraffe
Great concentration
Stitch him together
A bit of stuffing
Hello I'm Gerald ...
Fantastic Tegan you have a friend for life.
Fabulous writing by Tegan
Super writing Daisy!
Hard at work!
Daisy getting creative with a puppet show
Cooking in the kitchen

Term 6 - Monday 1st June 2020

Good luck to the children in Water Class and Year 6 that are starting back at school please read the leaflet above to help prepare.

Children who are not attending school will still find learning on their class pages in the home learning star.  Please keep sending your emails and photographs.

Remember do what you can and do not worry.

We miss you all!


Tegan Performaing Annie

Still image for this video

“I will not leave you.” John 14:15-21 - Make your prayer personal to you ...

VE Day Baking at Camp St. Joseph's

Mrs Asher all set for VE Day activities

TERM 5 HOME ACTIVITIES continued ... keep your photographs coming

Some 'leftover materials' art!
Garden ornament making
Special present for nanny!
VE Day baking by Beau and Tia(also eaten by them!)
A long awaited trip to the garden centre
Emily is gardening
Dad is helping and brother I think ...
Busy work
Looking great
Liam is gardening
Lovely Liam
Learning is going well ...
Great learning
The writing begins
Life Cycle of a Plant
Well done Liam
Your BBQ sounds fab Liam
Tegan is decorating her bedroom
Zoom dance lessons
Always time for a game
Umm ... lovely cookies
Family playtime
Out in the garden
Outdoor fun
Just too cool for school ...
Jacob has been gardening
Looks very interesting ...
We're missing you too Jacob
VE Day celebrations
Oscar cooking dinner for his Chef's Badge at Cubs
Chopping carrots
Mind the tears Oscar
A pepper moustache
Voila ...
Fantastic ... dinner round Oscar's anyone?
Emily and Dad baking rhubarb crumble
Marlie baking pizza in her pizza oven
One for Trish ... how kind!!
Tegan's VE Day preparations
Great decorating
Good old fashioned games
Ready - aim - fire ...

VE Day

Here are some useful links to packs and ideas that can help you celebrate VE Day. Please note that some of these may have been put together before social distancing guidelines came into effect, so be selective and responsible. 

Please share any celebrations with us so we can add them to our website.

St Joseph's Staff Message.mp4

Still image for this video

Super Seeds!

Fantastic Newspaper Article by Daniel
No More Isolation by William

We have made collages of ourselves today. Can you guess who?

Tibetan Prayer Flags made at School

Prayer Walk
Prayer Flags

CONGRATULATIONS TEGAN - winning the Aims Dance Choreography Competition

Still image for this video
Tegan did a lyrical dance. She chose the song version and made all the dance up by herself, she used her special moon lamp as a prop to represent her special grandad on the moon.
I think you will all agree this is absolutely beautiful … well done Tegan!

TERM 5 HOME ACTIVITIES - remember to check your class pages for weekly activities and keep your photos coming in

Max leg building
Preparing for VE day!
Tia and Beau's 8 times table race
Some self portrait drawing!
Tegan's lockdown clay plate
Visit to the Remembrance Bench for VE Day
Grace baking a cake
Concentrate on the eggs
Wow ... looks delicious Grace!
Umm ... shall I buy it?
Board games are great fun
The great outdoors
Oscar is code breaking for VE Day
Tegan is flying high
Ready for my Zoom Ballet Lesson
A beautiful prayer to St. Francis
Making a hand print lock down plate
Indoor golf from Nanny ... great exercise
Emily begins her VE Day learning
Is that a Spitfire on the desk?
Fantastic comprehension
I love the idea of a Street Party Emily
Designing a VE Day Tea Cup
The finished article
Ramadan Learning
Iris planting seeds
Marc waiting for them to grow
George and Daisy start preparing
George's Beef Casserole
Getting the correct amount is important
All ready to go...
Now for fruit kebabs
Rocket kebab!
Yummy Yummy!
George's Super Learning
Well done George!
DJ George
Keeping active
Outdoor Art
Enya won an Easter Competition
Well done Enya
Jenna won a prize too
Very creative
Such concentration
Tegan dancing in front of the moon
What a picture
Sunflower Planting
Domino fun for Marc and Iris
Kebab making begins
Cooking at home. Healthy treats!
Wow! What a delicious looking kebab
Very creative Jacob, beautiful!
Fresh air and a good walk
Engineering - maintenance
Roman has green fingers ...
Taking charge of the gardening science project
Water to help the plant grow
Liam's prayer to St. Jude
Noah being creative at home
Noah outside on his daily exercise
The Romans
Great comprehension
Well done Emily
Emily is busy doing maths also
Great learning
Emily's Science learning
Liam has been den building
Using his computing skills
Gardening is good for you
A few more seeds
Bike riding to keep fit
Design and Technology - model making
Playing games with parents is essential
A beautiful thankyou to the NHS from Liam
Sewing badges onto his Scout Blanket
Brilliant concentration
Oscar learning to sew
Poppy's science home learning
Designing Corona Superheroes
Poppy's Superhero
Jenna has a volcano to burn it away
Enya's Superhero
Climbing trees is the best!
Painting with toilet roll tube and cotton wool
Dandelions ... very creative!
Zoom ballet lessons for Tegan
Tegan's Dancing through the Decades
Congratulations Tegan!
Tegan choreographed her own dance
Absolutely wonderful!
Forest School Art
Forest School Art
Beau's Pirate Learning
Tia's Pirate Learning
Max's nature inspired portrait art!
Emily's PE Lesson
Stretching is very good for you
Daisy's story writing! Wow!
Daisy's illustrations for her writing
Daisy preparing dinner
Daisy's most delicious chilli ever!
An early start for Emily doing maths
Weighing out ingredients
Delicious Cranberry and Dark Chocolate Granola
Active climbing the steps
Walks in the countryside
Fast maths on the Nintendo Switch
George's new friend Zog from the planet Sock!
George - The 11th Doctor
Knock Knock ...
Darlek Comic Strip
Autobiographical writing
I am the Doctor
Fresh air is great
Appreciation for our Key Workers
Using maths to help bake
Outdoor Activities for Marlie
The Great Outdoors
Marlie baking
Family activities yum yum!
Wonderful writing Marlie
Keep up the great learning
Family Art
Fantastic art Marlie
Appreciation for our Key Workers
Busy doing maths
Face art
Preparation for the Othodox Easter
This is how you do it ...
Job done by Emily
Everything is going well
Othodox Easter Eggs
Max amazing writing
Max Gruffalo home learning
Max's super Gruffalo description



1 Corinthians 6:14: "And God raised the Lord and will also raise us up by his power."




Why not collect a booklet from the Community stand next time you are in the Co Op


You may like to spend some time to think ... light a candle, pause for a moment and use the links below to say a family prayer.



Hope and Strength Prayer by Tegan

Bess is joining in with the Easter Bonnet Competition

A Woofy Easter to All ...

Easter Competition entries - keep them coming...

Grace's Easter Garden
Beautiful Lillie-Mae
Lillie-Mae's Easter Bonnet
Ivy's Easter Garden
A Crash Landing by Beau
A Crash Landing by Beau
The Magic Faraway Tree at Easter by Tia
The Magic Faraway Tree at Easter by Tia
Looks great Coen!
Brilliant Max!
Well done Liam you have included maths also!
Liam's Easter Egg colour by numbers
Enya - great fit!
Well done Enya
Suits you Jenna
Cracking Creation
Beautiful Poppy
Great design

TERM 4 HOME ACTIVITIES - what a fantastic job you are all doing ...

Gardening is a great hobby
Planting seeds
Oscar trying a bit of spray painting
The finished product ... Well done Oscar!
Gardening is great exercise
Planting Seeds
Liam's Design and Technology
Liam's painting
Great Learning Liam
Super Liam
Dinosaur Addition by Liam
Practising Number Bonds - well done Liam
Keep up the great handwriting Liam
This should keep Emily busy :-)
Coen's indoor shop. It looks very well stocked!
Ivy Baking
Tegan using creative art ideas
Shadow Art
You should frame it
Practising dance routines are a must
Tegan stretching on the trampoline
Wow, wonderful creative writing Tegan!
Beautiful happy picture by Tegan
Isolation walks and fresh air ... beautiful
Real Life learning for Tia
Real Life Learning for Beau
Beau plotting co-ordinates
Jacob, Roman and Pixie making slime
Science in the Law household
Practical science
Practical science experiments at the Law's
Pixie being creative!
Dinner is served
Keep exercising
Exercise is good
And freeze ...
Metal detecting
Collaboration ... all hands on deck!
Max hard at work
Daisy's impressive story writing!
Daisy's daily exercise. Keep going Daisy!
Archie's Harry Potter Yoga!
Delicious home baking from Archie
Derry walking in the woods
Amazing outdoor learning Derry!
Kora painting a picture
Creative Kora - spray paint art, wonderful!
Emily's plan for the week - she is keeping busy!
Remembering RE and Holy Week
Practising Place Value
Converting time
 Challenging herself with more difficult learning
Busy with science
Keeping up the ukulele practise - Well done Oscar
Daily reading is very important!
Keep upto date with Newsround - Dr Who!
Great exercising Liam
Great effort!
Liam building a car with his dad
Playing is important
Science experiment
Practical science in the Long household
Well done Liam!
Exercise ... keep it up Jenna!
Origami by Poppy :-)
Beau and Tia, recipe research!
Weighing and mixing
Yummy results!
Laura's family's science experiment.Great work!
Cute red panda's on Chester Zoo Live ♥️♥️
Tia's rainbow cakes for the NHS!
Rainbow outside!
Rainbow inside!
A reading picnic
Easter RE work

Camp St Joseph's - keeping busy in school

The Easter Egg Hunt begins
Pirate Treasure Hunt
Searching for clues
Are they outside Water Class?
Are they in the Forest School?
Are they in the Home Corner?
Well done Mrs Simpson
Who could it be?
Well done Mrs Austin
Beautiful Easter Garden
Gardening and planting seeds at school
Puppet Shows
STEM Challenge to build a bridge over the river
Engineers and designers in the making
Using Lego to build the bridge
Engineers are resilient
Engineers in the making
Demonstrating perserverance
Fantastic engineering

Hello everyone!  We hope that you have had a great start to your home learning adventure and have enjoyed spending quality family time together.


Are you all well and enjoying your home learning? 


Make sure you are also keeping active. Visit Joe Wicks for a PE lesson every morning at 9.00am by clicking on the link below. This morning there was almost 1,000,000 children and adults joining Joe to stay fit and healthy. 


Be creative and take part in the Easter Bonnet / Easter Garden competition please see the link below


Can you think of a name for your new home schools? Can you create a display of your learning? … We want to know it all!

So email any photos of these activities and we will post them to this page and share all our wonderful home learning adventures with each other.   

Take care, keep smiling and have a sing along to Fireflies - click on the link below. 


Team St. Joseph's


Email your photos, learning and comments to your class teacher we all look forward to seeing them.



Easter Competition